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“In the world of voice talent, few individuals have the range and training to truly be considered voice actors. Kelli Casey is one of those rare individuals. You can get the deep, rich voice for promoting high-end product…or the bouncy youthful voice…or the soft-spoken mom voice…or the high energy direct response voice. The bottom line, Kelli Casey is very directable and will give you exactly the “tone of voice” and “attitude” your project needs.”

Patrick Guerra; The Guerra Group – Victoria, Texas

“Incredible range, really passionate about giving the client exactly what they want, and nailing it without a bunch of wasted takes.  Kelli helps our clients love us more, and we love that.”

Ray Schilens
President/CEO; RADIOLOUNGE - Sugar Land, TX


“At I.O.S. we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best voice-over talent in the industry on behalf of our clients including her award winning father Al Casey.  Kelli is a “chip off the old block” and one of the most pleasant and professional talents we have ever worked with. I would highly recommend her for your project without a moments hesitation… she’s GREAT!”

Pat Alaggio, President of I.O.S.

“Reliable  talented  affordable  a master at the art of client service.  Bottom line: she’s automatic.”

Corey Dissin,
VP/General Manager -
Propulsion Media Labs


“Kelli’s a bona fide triple-threat… Great style, great range & a great voice. Just an all-around pro & a unique talent.”

Dave Olson; Sporting News Radio

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Kelli Casey on a number of television and radio production projects and she continually outperforms all of my expectations. Kelli has a great voice with tremendous flexibility that allows us to utilize her talents for all sorts of projects with various themes and content feel. She is also extremely diligent in responding quickly to all of our requests and is very easy to work with as she has an in-house studio wherein she can lay down several tracks and send us digital files for review almost immediately.”

John Harper,
Executive Vice President – Sales and Client Services at Ocean Bridge Group, Inc.


“Kelli provides the voice for our flagship product.  Her voice is superb, and she’s absolutely the easiest to work with.   We count on her all year long, and she delivers every time.”

Kendall Kaiser, Video Production Coordinator / Editor - CAESY, from Patterson

“Kelli, a.k.a. The Red One, is bar none the easiest Voice Talent I have ever had the opportunity to work with. She understands the different voice needs of every project I have given her and has hit the tone and tenor of those voices on every occasion. Her versatility and reliability is always remarkable to me. She has done work for some of my larger clients such as Coca-Cola Bottling of Houston, and The Greater Houston Area YMCA. Additionally she has voiced production for my smaller clients in the retail industry. All of my clients think my work has been enhanced by her talented and professional voice work.”

“Kelli comes highly recommended to all of my clients by me and I would highly recommend her to you for your next production.”

Lewis C. Knight;
Knight Line Productions
Hammock Advertising

“I have found Kelli Casey to be extremely easy to work with for both TV and radio voiceovers. She graciously accommodates quick turnarounds without sacrificing quality. And, most importantly, Kelli can deliver a wide range of vocal styles including sexy, high energy and even genuine, testimonial-like reads.”

Josh Powers, Associate Creative Director at STANANDLOU Advertising

“Kelli Casey is fast, professional, dependable and has a great voice. Anyone can read a script, but Kelli “gets it”. She always puts the emphasis in the right places, and she gives you alternate versions that can be a lifesaver in the edit bay.  My clients really like Kelli’s voice, and agencies have commented that her voice sounds “big market”.  I don’t know what “big market” sounds like, but I do know what a happy client sounds like, and Kelli makes our clients very happy.”

Rob Walker, Production Director KSEE TV/Fresno, CA

“When working with Voice Over Talent we have found that three factors always determine a good end result…    Ease of Service, Turnaround time, and the ability to adapt to an ever changing script and schedule… Kelli Casey provides all three.  Thru and thru… time after time!”

Mike Fingo, COO / Operations Manager at Titan Digital Post & Duplication


“What can you say about “The Red One”?  Well, if it’s a female voice you want she’s my first choice every time.  Quite simply a joy to work with, quick turnaround, super attitude and great work time after time.  I don’t even look for anyone else because she’s so versatile!”

Walter Hammock;
Hammock Advertising


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